iSky Development was founded in 2013 as a solutions company that provides different types of services for its customers everywhere around the world. Company was established in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, by two young Egyptian entrepreneurs. Company operates and run projects in many countries in Europe and Middle East. We deliver solutions to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We work also with governments and non-profit organization. We are always open for new challenges.

iSky has built partnership with top technology providers. Through these partners, company expands the solutions and services that is provided for customers, in addition to iSky native products that serves different business needs. In order to help SMEs and startups, iSky Development is also registered as a consulting partner for the European Bank Reconstruction and Development that helps those organizations and also funds them.

iSky is specialized in digital transformation and helps organization in adopting latest technologies. We face many challenges to cope with the fast changes and the quick updates in the information technology field. Although we focus on our technology core services, today we must recognize that iSky has not identified itself as being limited to a technology provider, but rather a technology business consultant for its clients.

iSky aims to change the concept of IT service companies. Here at iSky Development we do not just sell products or services. We enjoy leaving a big impact in the daily operations of each customer we work with. We are open to the world and the sky is the limit. We target to deal with organizations all around the globe. From startups to enterprises, and from small to large corporate, it is a great pleasure to provide our assistance.